Our Mission:

Before we talk about the mission of actifday we would like to mention that actifday was born out of our own experiences.  Before settling in Tenerife we traveled around the world for many years. We’ve seen a lot and have tons of useful travel information which we want to share with you.

Some of our epic adventures:

whale watching in Madagascar,
seeing the Whale shark in the Maldives,
Skydiving in Sri Lanka,
Trekking through Thailand,
Flying above Bagan in a hot air balloon,
Swimming in the crystal clear waters of Chagos,
Visiting the giant turtles in Rodrigues. 

Choose your activity:

When you travel you don’t want to waist time. You are on Holliday and want to make the most out of it, but how do you choose your activity.

Are we going on a  whale watching  tour or do we rent a private yacht?

Parasailing or do we take a helicopter ride?

a restaurant or are we having a Thai cooking class?

Whatever activity we choose it should meet our expectations. 

When we arrived in Tenerife we went on discovery.

What has Tenerife to offer?

What kind of excursions can we do, where are the good restaurants?

We selected some of the excursions that where offered like watching whales and Dolphins, scuba diving, hiking in the mountains etc… 

We probably have done most of the excursions on the island and came to the conclusion 

that there is a mountain of room for improvement. 

The Lack of Customer care. 

Where to book your excursion?

There are many places in town and along the beach who sell excursions. Most of these sellers have not experienced the excursions first hand so,these people are in for the money. They want to sell whatever they can because at the end of the day they get paid a commission. Not exactly the best places to go to. 

We found that a good search online can help you a lot more then buying a ticket from a random street vendor. 

Book through the internet.

The good suppliers can all be found on the internet, you select a few go to their websites read the reviews from other clients and you will get a good idea of what you will get for your money. 

However, we found that there is a place in the market which still is untouched.

We think that the one who sells you an excursion should know what he is talking about. He should have experienced the excursion first hand and inform the clients of what he experienced. 

Second is the experiences offered should be checked time by time to make sure that the quality is the same or even better then before and for those reasons we created ACTIFDAY.


All experiences or excursions offered on the website are owned or controlled by ACTIFDAY and with your help we will grow and add more experiences that can be trusted. 

However, Due to Covid-19 we will not add more experiences but the experiences offered on the website are all Active and comply 100% with the Covid-19 safety regulations. 

The Mission of actifday is to offer our customers the best experiences on the island of Tenerife. 

You adventure starts with Actifday 

check out: ACTIFDAY

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