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Whale watching 

Many people associate Tenerife with Eternal Spring, but that is not all what Tenerife has to offer. Did you know that Tenerife was one of the few Spots in the world where you can find a huge concentration of Whales and Dolphins!

Huge concentration of Whales and Dolphins

The Canary islands has 740 different Native fish species, 4 different marine turtles and 28 whale species. Although most of the whales and Dolphins are seasonal, some of them can be seen year round. 

The short finned pilot Whale, the sperm whale (i call him/her the pinokio whale) and the bottlenose Dolphin  can be seen every day of the year. However The Short finned pilot whale and the bottlenose dolphin are the main attraction for wildlife tourists. 

South of Tenerife

The South of Tenerife accounts for 58% of all whale watching companies and 75% of the whale watching tourism. 

The community of short-finned pilot whales living in the South of Tenerife is one of the few resident populations known, So IT IS OF GREAT WORLDWIDE IMPORTANCE.

The short finned pilot whale here in Tenerife performs a unique hunting behaviour, never registered in a deep diving species before. It involves deep, high speed sprint dives to chase and capture squid. We give them the nickname “ Cheetahs of the ocean”.


Watching the Whales in the wild is highly valuable. Economical valuable for that reason there was a need of some tough regulations. Those regulations are set by the Canary islands and by the national legislation of spain. These rules govern how whale watching activities may take place, including, but not limited to, approach guidelines. 

Even with the regulation in place there was not a lot of improvement in the conduct of all those company’s dedicated to whale watching. Due to the evidence of the negative impact of poor practice on the local whales population, and the growing frustration of operators who adhere to legal requirements. This led to the creation in 2010 of the Whale Watching quality charter. 

The whale watching quality charter is a set of voluntary commitments developed in collaboration with whale watching companies. Unfortunately there are only 20% of the whale watching company’s who accepted the charter. 

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