Watching Whales in Tenerife

When you visit Tenerife for the first time you don’t know that the ocean is full of Whales or that Tenerife is one of the three places in the world which is considered a Whale Heritage Site. 

It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to experience these incredible animals in their natural habitat. 

It is the second most popular activity for tourists visiting the island. 

You don’t want to miss out and want to book your whale watching excursion Online or Through your Hotel.

Here are five guidelines how to book:

  1. Preferable book through your hotel. (yes they take a small commission but they know who is reliable and who is not).
  2. If you book through the internet then please verify if the company is legal.
    1. How do you know if it is a legal company. If the price is too good to be truth then something is wrong.                      You can’t run a legal business on penny’s.
  3. The minimum standard of a boat that is going to take you on a whale watching trip is carrying the yellow flag.

Watching Whales and Dolphins



    4. Don’t buy tickets on the street.

     5. Click on the following link to see the list of the legal boats in the South of Tenerife: ” list legal Boats junio 2021″

We assume that if you go to see the Whales,  you care about these animals and that you support responsible whale watching.

Several whale watching company’s want to protect these animals. They do not belong to us and it is our duty to pass this on to future generations.  That’s why we need your help in choosing the right company. 


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