Watching Whales in Tenerife When you visit Tenerife for the first time you don’t know that the ocean is full of Whales or that Tenerife is one of the three places in the world which is considered a Whale Heritage Site.  It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to experience these incredible animals in their … Read more

Walvis spotten

Whale watching  Many people associate Tenerife with Eternal Spring, but that is not all what Tenerife has to offer. Did you know that Tenerife was one of the few Spots in the world where you can find a huge concentration of Whales and Dolphins! Huge concentration of Whales and Dolphins The Canary islands has 740 different … Read more

Thai Food ! Who doesn’t like Thai Food? In our workshop Thai Cuisine we explain that Thai food is undoubtedly one of the most popular cuisines worldwide.  How comes? It’s difficult not to like it.  Thai Cuisine is simply a clever combination of eastern and western influences harmoniously combined in that sour, sweet, salty, bitter … Read more

Our Mission: Before we talk about the mission of actifday we would like to mention that actifday was born out of our own experiences.  Before settling in Tenerife we traveled around the world for many years. We’ve seen a lot and have tons of useful travel information which we want to share with you. Some … Read more