Brunch Fuel Restobar by Baobab Suites

From: 20,00

    Activity for Family

   No limit

   Level of difficulty ” Easy “.

  Duration 3 hours.

   We speak English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch

   Fuel Restobar, Baobab Suites.

     Brunches are served until 12 o clock.


     Environmental friendly

     Quality Label, Verified experience.

     Desinfected with hydroalcoholic solutions.


Brunches are served from 10:00 till 12:00


Waking Up to Brunch

Waking up to Brunch at ” Fuel Restobar ”  with beautiful and peaceful settings where body and mind can relax.

If there is a special occasion or not, we take our Brunches seriously.

There are a dozen ways of having a brunch whether you have been up since dawn, just had your daily exercise or barely managed to drag yourself out of bed.

We are all of connecting Body and Mind but it’s not just about the body and mind it’s whats on the plate that draws the eye and fill the stomach.

A Brunch is also a popular social outing where you can meet friends, family or those who just want to enjoy being with a group of people.

Reasons why we love it!

Peaceful setting

At any time in the morning

Great social contact

Great food

What can you expect? 

  • Cupcakes
  • Mini Pancakes with syrup and red fruits.
  • Small Waffles with nutella and glass sugar.
  • Mini Croissant with DOR selection. 
  • Mini Burger chicken with curry/ Mini burger de pollo y curry.
  • Vienna Bread.
  • Strawberry butter jam
  • Shot of Watermelon and Mint.
  • Fruit salad with homemade syrup.
  • Greek yogurt with muesli, red berries and dried fruits.
  • Toast with avocado, arugula, smoked salmon, chia and sunflower seeds.
  • Assortment of cheeses and Iberian products with white baguette and toasts.
  • Poached egg on fried spinach toast with black sesame seeds.
  • Mini curry chicken burger with caramelized onion and goat cheese.
  • Glass of CAVA.
  • Orange juice.
  • Coffee, tea or infusion.


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Fuel restobar

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