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     Max. 2 People

     Level of difficulty ” Easy “.

     Duration on request.

     We speak English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch

     Baobab Suites.

     Opening Hours from 10:00 – 18:00

     Our Quality Label, verified experience.

     Environmental friendly

     Desinfected with hydroalcoholic solutions.

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Massage is a relaxing ritual that will leave you completely revitalized and inspired.The tension and muscle aches disappear.

A couple’s massage will get you both back on track to enjoying life.   

You woke up feeling awful. Let us straighten out those kinks and twists in your muscles and back. We’ll have you feeling like new in almost no time.

Deep Tissue Massage

An intense therapeutic massage that uses firm strokes and slow pressure to reach deep layers of muscle and fascia, relieving chronic conditions such as neck and lower back pain

Relaxing Massage

You had stressful day. Now you are filled with tension points and anxiety. Put yourself in our hands and you’ll be walking on air within an hour.

Long, smooth strokes are applied with medium pressure in rhythmic motion to soothe and relax you while improving blood flow and boosting the immune system.

Sport Massage

You played volleyball at the Beach and, hurrah, your team won. But now your shoulder is locked in position and your calf is cramped. No worries. Our team of pros will erase those pains.

Uses fast strokes, compression, pressure point therapy, and joint mobilization to manipulate soft tissues and relieve muscle pain and increase range of motion.

What you need to know:

Each treatment begins with a consultation upon the customer’s needs


  • Injury Prevention
  • Correction of Muscle imbalances
  • Faster recovery
  • Reduced postrun soreness
  • Pain Relief
  • Mobilising Scar tissue
  • Better O2 uptake
  • Muscle fibre repair
  • Increased flexibility

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