Whale watching in Tenerife

From: 65,00

   Max. 12 Passengers.

   Level of difficulty ” Easy “.

   Duration 3-4 hours.

   Sustainable experience.

   We speak English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch

    Pick Service Included.

     Leaving the Harbour at 10h30.

     Desinfected with hydroalcoholic solutions.


Whale watching in Tenerife:

Passenger +10 years 90€ per person (3-4hrs), Passengers -10 years 65€ per person (3-4hrs).
(Maximum 12 People, minimum age 2 years). Whale watching.

The impact of the Corona Virus:

The Corona Crisis Has changed the way we do business. More then ever our Health needs to be protected.

The government did implement a lot of new regulations which we need to accept and respect in order to keep everyone safe.

Due to these new regulations we needed to come up with an alternative and adapt our business model. Therefore we came up with the idea to offer our clients a taylor made excursion.

Reducing the Capacity  reduces the risk. We try to avoid contact with other people then yourself or your loved ones But we still can give you an  experience of a lifetime. Our Catamaran has a 112m2 surface so there is 18m2 surface for each passenger. You will see the Whales and the Dolphins in the best circumstances.

The Excursion:

The excursion will take an approximate of 3-4 hours. We will spend ample time with our Famous Short Finned Pilot Whales and if we are lucky we will see some Dolphins as well. Then we go to an Anchorage where you and your family can make some memories that will last forever.

The Short Finned Pilot Whales:

There are only three places on earth where you can find a huge concentration of the Short Finned Pilot Whale and one of them is  Tenerife.
Whale watching became one of Tenerife’s second most popular activities. The most common Whale is our Short Finned Pilot whale. Its the smallest of the whales but he is our guest and resident of the Canarian islands. Whale watching is a must to do.
Besides the different species of whales we have the Dolphins.

The Dolphins:

We provide an insider’s guide to one of the friendliest marine mammals in The Canarian waters. Dolphins are often regarded as one of Earth’s most intelligent animals, demonstrating social behavior and a display of culture similar to humans. Witnessing them in their domain offers a unique insight into their underwater world, beautiful and graceful as they are. We like to think of them as part of our family!

Aboard a comfortable sailing vessel, a luxurious catamaran,  we will take you right to the spot where the dolphins are. Enabling you to watch them as they play along the coast of Tenerife. These magnificent marine creatures will take your breath away as you get up close and personal with them in their own environment, creating a memory that will last forever.

The tour lasts approximately three hours, food and refreshments are provided. Whenever possible we will put the sails up and share with you our passion of sailing. In addition of finding dolphins on our tour, you may also spot turtles and other marine life. ​

What you need to know about them:

We measure intelligence first by brain size and complexity – dolphins and whales appear to have brain size close to modern humans. Observing their behavior – they are self-conscious individuals with personality, memory and the ability to reflect on their own thoughts. This actually meets the definition of a person, and is consistent with the brain evidence.
Dolphins are the only species who successfully operate a sonar system. The Human race has tried to discover the secret but where unable to do so.


  • Skipper & Deckhand.
  • 1 Glass of bubbles.
  • Soft drinks, Beer, wine.
  • Finger-food
  • Transport.
  • Insurance
  • Sun lotion



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See the Whales Dolphins with ” Blueoceanyachtcharter “, Whale watching  will create memory’s forever. Watching the Whales Dolphins in Tenerife is an amazing experience. Don’t hesitate to try our Whale watching excursion.


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