Workshop Thai Cuisine

From: 35,00

     Activity Suitable for Family & Friends.

    Max. 8 people.

    Level of difficulty ” Easy “.

   Quality Label, Verified experience.

   Duration 3 hours.

   We speak English

    Starting at 17h00

    All ingredients (drinks are not inlcluded).

    Sustainable experience

    Desinfected with hydroalcoholic solutions.



Our workshop Thai Cuisine, understand the Value of Quality.

In our Workshop Thai Cuisine we Hope to bring you a fresh perspective on Thai food, our Chef sought to elevate the standard of her homeland’s cuisine by merging traditional flavours with farm fresh local ingredients.

In every dish, we exercise great care and skill by respecting the artisanship of traditional Thai components, such as hand pounded papaya salads, freshly ground curries, and long simmering sauces. We also employ modern kitchen techniques to maximize the flavor of certain dishes. Most importantly, we believe that every dish should be served with the best ingredient of all: Love.

She prepare food for the rich and famous, as well as cheffing for the common man and woman alike.

She is a chef with a great passion for food and the people they cook for, ensuring her clients an amazing, unforgettable dining experience.

How does it work:

You can join one of our workshops or you can simply order a cooking class at your residence. (We need a minimum of 4 people). At your residence our Thai Chef will cook together with you and your family 4 dishes of your choice.

Traditional Thai Cooking Class:

  • 50€ Adults/ 35€ Children (the price includes all ingredients.)

Price Includes:

  • 3 Dishes @ your Choice. (All Dishes are served with Thai Rice).
  • All Ingredients
  • Personal Chef
  • Duration 3Hrs.

Price Exclude:

  • Beverages.

Make your Choice and enjoy your evening.

The pictures on the top gives you the name of each Dish. If you are not sure what to take then we highlighted the Dishes with an asterix * the once we prefer the most.

Don’t worry they are all excellent dishes.


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