Visit Masca and Teide national park.

  • Max. 8 Passengers.
  • Activity for family and friends
  • Level of difficulty ” Easy “.
  • Duration el Teide tour 4/5 hours, Masca Tour 5/6 hours.
  • We speak English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch
  • Pick Service Included.
  • Leaving the Hotel/Residence at 10h30.
  • Sightseeing
  • Desinfected with hydroalcoholic solutions.


Visit Masca and Teide national park.

Masca Sightseeing hiking tour.

Visit Masca and Teide national park. In the west of the Island there is a hidden Gem which is called ” MASCA”. It’s a must to see for anybody visiting the island. Masca is probably the most beautiful village in Tenerife. In my personal opinion it’s probably the most beautiful village of all the Canarias Islands. It’s hidden away in the ancient mountains of el Teno, somewhere in the West of Tenerife. It’s one of those places that take your breath away. But it’s not only the village which is incredible its also the way to get there. Masca is our Machu Picchu. While you are here, there are a few things you must see and Masca is certainly one of them.

We will give You ample time to visit the village. There are just no words to describe how beautiful and peaceful this place is.

El Teide Sightseeing hiking tour.

Teide national park is stunning. It’s an active volcano but it hasn’t erupted since 1909. El Teide national park is a UNESCO world heritage site and is the most visited national park in Europe.

El Teide national park should be on your list to visit. It’s a must to see. To me it’s like a volcanic impression of the planet Mars. Not exactly but close. We will drive through this landscape and have many stops along the way. For those who like to hike there are several small hiking trails.

Visit Masca and Teide national park is one of the excursions which should be on your list while on vacation in Tenerife.

Hiking in Masca and Teide national park.

We offer great quality and personalised Service.

Don’t drink and drive when you can drink and ride.


  • Maximum 8 passengers.
  • Maximum 8 pcs. of Luggage
  • One hand luggage per person.
  • Only Private Charter no Shared Charters.
  • Insurance included.


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